• =VX9= Warrant Officer Promotions : MAY 2017

    This Month we welcome Three new Warrant Officers. The Warrant officer position is the path to becoming an Officer in =VX9=. So we know that making a WO rank means they are putting in the time and effort for our community. Well deserved promotions to you all.

    Chief Warrant Officer 2:
    Warrant Officer 1:

    =VX9= Salute!
    Commanding Officer of =VX9=
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    1. RobotMosh's Avatar
      RobotMosh -
      Big Grats to all, especially the new WOs. :cheers:
    1. Kindbud's Avatar
      Kindbud -
      Congrats guys, keep up the good work!

      ONE TEAM!!!
    1. Mac's Avatar
      Mac -
    1. Sir-Dome's Avatar
      Sir-Dome -
      Congrats WO'S
    1. GenSeneca's Avatar
      GenSeneca -
      Great job fellas! Nice work Ceil... Get some knee pads and practice smiling like a donut if you want to get that butter bar.
    1. Pafire's Avatar
      Pafire -
      gratz all
    1. Ge0kolmi0's Avatar
      Ge0kolmi0 -
      Big congrats to all WOs, both old and new!

      Sent from my Galaxy A5 using Tapatalk
    1. Destry's Avatar
      Destry -
      Congrats guys !!
    1. Rux's Avatar
      Rux -
      Grats all, well deserved!
    1. Lothior's Avatar
      Lothior -
      Congrats everyone!
    1. darkmatter's Avatar
      darkmatter -
      Congrats to all!
    1. IKECVBG's Avatar
      IKECVBG -
      BZ to all!
    1. Cieljek's Avatar
      Cieljek -
      Thanks all
    1. Broncs's Avatar
      Broncs -
      Good job dudes!!
    1. Caotyk's Avatar
      Caotyk -
      Good Job Guys Congratz!!!
    1. ArmyAl's Avatar
      ArmyAl -
      Well done Warrants
    1. LowBridge's Avatar
      LowBridge -
      congrats...well done
    1. syrus64209's Avatar
      syrus64209 -
      Congratz to everyone and thanks for the promo.
    1. Conspiracy's Avatar
      Conspiracy -
      congrats! keep up the great work!
    1. KolaRice's Avatar
      KolaRice -
      Congrats to the new WOs and the new CWO2
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