• =vx9= general's promotion: May 2017

    I have known these two For a very long time. We go Way Way Back to our younger days in Alpha Company. I have the honor of not only being Alpha Brothers and =VX9= Brothers. But also Friends. We just arent Online friends or community friends these are guys that I truly consider just friends. They Both have been here through the highs and lows of our community and My own personal ones. They have stood strong and represented well. Today they earn their second Stars and I cant be any prouder.

    Major General:

    =VX9= Salute!
    Commanding Officer of =VX9=
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    1. Mac's Avatar
      Mac -

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    1. GenSeneca's Avatar
      GenSeneca -
      Damn... Proud day indeed...

      It's not about the games, it's not about rank, it's OUR community...

      Each of our members come together to create a community greater than the sum of it's individual parts and I'm so very proud, and grateful, to be a part of that....
      Our members makes us what we are... =VX9= FOR LIFE!
    1. Kindbud's Avatar
      Kindbud -
      Two extremely well deserved promos.

      I have had the pleasure of being around these 2 since the beginning of my membership in =VX9=, and a sense of brotherhood was definitely formed a long time ago.
      Spanky is solely responsible for me finding =VX9=, something I thank him for frequently.

      Congrats brothers!
      ONE TEAM!!!
    1. GenSeneca's Avatar
      GenSeneca -
      Congrats Spank!

    1. Sir-Dome's Avatar
      Sir-Dome -
      Grats Generals
    1. TinyMarine's Avatar
      TinyMarine -
    1. Pafire's Avatar
      Pafire -
      gratz all
    1. Rux's Avatar
      Rux -
      Grats, well deserved!
    1. Lothior's Avatar
      Lothior -
      Congrats to both of you!
    1. spanky's Avatar
      spanky -
      Thank You sooo much & CONGRATS to GenSeneca too! This is NOT jus a gaming community, I consider each and everyone of you a dear and close friend. It's amazing to think that I've been a part of =VX9= for over 14 years. What a FANTASTIC FAMILY to still be KICKN' ASS!!!!! Here's to ALL that make =VX9= a HOME!!!!!
    1. Flapjack's Avatar
      Flapjack -
      Congratulations guys!
    1. darkmatter's Avatar
      darkmatter -
      Congrats fellas and thank you for everything you do that makes my gaming community HOME.
    1. IKECVBG's Avatar
      IKECVBG -
    1. Static-Bullet's Avatar
      Static-Bullet -
      grats good job guys
    1. V1P3R617's Avatar
      V1P3R617 -
      Holy shit balls, Congratulation fellas! Very well deserved promotions. And like my boy DJ khaled would say "WE THE BEST!!!!!" lol

      Keep it up boys!!!!

      ONE TEAM
    1. PapaBear's Avatar
      PapaBear -
      Quote Originally Posted by GenSeneca View Post
      Amen to that. _HUGE_ congrats to both of you!
    1. Cieljek's Avatar
      Cieljek -
      Grats Scen and spank! keep it up!
    1. ArmyAl's Avatar
      ArmyAl -
      Well done Generals
    1. LowBridge's Avatar
      LowBridge -
      very cool... congratulations to you both!
    1. syrus64209's Avatar
      syrus64209 -
      CONGRATZ to you both!!!!
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