• One team! Roll call!

    I wanted to first thank everyone for your continued commitment to this community.

    We have continued to provide a great gaming home for many a gamers through our 16+ years. This is mainly in part because of the loyalty and dedication of our members. Who day in and day out do so much to ensure we are still standing year after year.
    We continue to strive to get better by bringing in new technology, games and events for all our members. In this long journey there is one thing I have learned . That It is all about the members. The people we server . The people who day in and ay put sport our tags and make up the life blood of what our community is. With you guy wed be a handful of gamers playing one game here and there. Instead we are a great community of gamers Playing multiple games at any time of the day and night. Which is what make us so great. No mater the gamer or the time youll probably find someone to play with in =VX9=.

    So its summer time and in the summer we usually see a down tick on our participation. You know Vacations and such. The great out doors . and just overall spending time with family. We are coming close to the end fo summer and its time to get back in gear.
    Another one of the many lessons 16+ years has taught me is that Participation , holding a responsibility in our community gives you ownership A sense of pride in what and how our community moves forward. For me service to our community has always made me proud. Wether it is leading a team , directing a projct . or just helping one of my fellow members get their teamspeak or forum issue fixed or one of the many other duties and responsibility in =VX9= It all brings pride , it makes me feel more then just a member but i feel a sense of ownership.

    With that said I want to remind you all that we have many positions open in different Division or with in community in general. We love to see more people step up and help out. As always if you are interested hit up your Co or Xo . Hit up and Officer or Myself. We will help find you a spot. Let us know what you are interested or what your strengths are. The truth is that this community is like any community we need everything from the guy who checks the water meter to the guy who delivers your mail. and in between. Every job is important and not one more important then the other. Every piece is needed to complete the puzzle. With our one piece were just a picture with a hole in it. So Step up ! Volunteer and i promise you too will feel that sense of pride and ownership the way I do!

    This I can tell you. There have been many many gaming communities out there that have come and gone. Then there are the ones that have survived the test of time, Change and loss. We have stood strong because at our core we are and always be about our members. This community was built with that at its core. It will continue to run with that at its core. Especially while on my watch . and I can promise When I am gone and someone else is in my shoes. That person will to understand that The secret sauce , or special ingredient that runs this community isnt the games. it isnt the cool technology ( All those things rock dont get me wrong) But in truth it is you the member. The life blood of what we are and always will be.

    So thank you all for everything. Thank you for giving us a home and a place to play the games and make the great friends we have made. In the end this community will survive for another 16 years as long as its core is ONE TEAM! So Let me hear you as this is a Roll call to all those that wear our tags whether its today, or in the past .


    =VX9= Salute!
    Commanding Officer of =VX9=
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