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Now recruiting for BF4, CoD:Ghosts, DayZ, War Thunder, World of Tanks
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Here is the thing for whatever reason our 10 v 10 Ladder Team can not get scrims for our matches.  Very few clans/communities can muster up 10 for our practice scrims.    We have 12-16 showing fairly consistently for matches/practices, but running 8 v 8 or less does not prepare us well enough for matches!  If you have BF4 Loaded please join us as opposition next Monday 21st at 10pm Eastern!

We will appoint an opposition Captain and give you some time to get a plan together, squad up, and gear up.   We would like to get at least an hour and half in or possibly more.

One Team! One Killing Machine!

Click on Link for more info:

I want to personally thank all those in Thunder Company that make it happen. Every division in =VX9= Shares a bond through the community we all belong to. It is great to see a Division Celebrate its First full year under the =VX9= Flag!

=VX9= Salute!
Commanding Officer =VX9=
The position of an XO is an important one in any division. As the XO is the direct assistant to the CO and Second in Command and speak for the CO when needed. The Role of XO  has always been a high value and highly appreciated position.

With that Said We  have a couple of Interim XO to Announce:

Zulu Co: CW3.Griffith has Stepped up to fill the Roll of XO in Zulu Co. He will assist darkmatter in the day in and day out operations of the Division.

Jager Co: CW2.Penguin Has Accepted the Role of Interim XO. He will help run the division until Von Gets done with His last few weeks of College.

I want to thank both for stepping up and Helping to insure our community keeps on rocking..

=VX9= Salute
Commanding Officer of =VX9=
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