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Now recruiting for BF4, DayZ, Star Citizen, TitanFall, War Thunder, World of Tanks, General Gaming.
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Whiskey Company has had its ups and downs. Console and PC are two different animals . That being said we have always had a small populace on console. Well lately we have had some great strides on the console side led by Ice. So We have decided that he would be a great fit as XO of Whiskey Company. We are all looking forward to what he has in mind for Whiskey! Congrats brother!

Whiskey Co XO: CW2.Ice=VX9=

=VX9= Salute!
Commanding Officer of =VX9=
All of us who have pets understand that they are more then just a dog or a cat they are a part of the family. I lost my girl last may and I miss my work buddy every day. I know we all have needs and wants and times they are tough. But today we have a =VX9= Sister in need of some help to save her beloved Dog her best friend.

Read the following post it has all the links and info on how to donate and help.  Help with what you can. If you can!



Oh DBF What can i say you are a Friday night legend! Tonight is the night of nights! Well Not really but it is another Edition of our DRUNKEN BATTLE FRIDAY! So grab your favorite Adult libation and get to Gaming! 

SWAG! Lets give away some decals.

DBF Trivia!  First person to answer any question wins a decal.
1. What was the original name of DBF?
2. Whats the =VX9= Battle call?
 For those that dont have the answer. Post up a # we giving away a few Decals.
1-100 . closes #s win! Hit the # dead on and You get a 5 pack!

Alpha Co:

Omega Co:

Thunder Co:

Zulu Co:

Have fun tonight and remember to drink and game responsibly!

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Well someone please tell me what the hell is DBF


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12/26 DBF!!!!!


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