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 First let me start with saying that Lt.Griffth=VX9= has done a great job as XO of Zulu Co.  He has clearly made an impact and will be missed in his XO position. He has started LAW school and time is non existent in his world right now. On a happy note. He down the road will hopefully be =VX9= first community officer to run our Legal Dept!.. We are looking forward to that!

 We also have a great first in the fact that We for the first time ever in =VX9= History have a Female XO of a division.  Lt.Dancingbulldawg=VX9= Is our 2nd Female officer in our history and our first Female XO of a division. This is a Big milestone in our great history! We have no doubt that she will continue the trend of excellence that is expected in Zulu CO.

Congrats to you both. As you both have been great officers and members of this community!

=VX9= Salute!
Commanding Officer of =VX9=

Its DBF once again. What does that mean? It means membership has its privileges..  Our community may not be the best in some eyes. Or offer everything you can find under the sun! But we do offer The Original DBF! So Get on it and have Fun!  If nothing else at least we have DBF! lol.

Alpha CO:

Jager CO:

Omega Co:


Zulu Co:

Hey guys. I finished setting up the CS:GO server last night. It was a lot of work but I am happy with the outcome. Setting up a CS:GO server was ALL new to me. I had no prior knowledge. Luckily I'm a fast learner, and a lot of google was involved.

Server details:

  • Competitive, first to 16 wins, wins the match.
  • Nominate/RTV are enabled for map switching.
  • Also enabled is mapchooser which will prompt you for voting on a new map on the 2nd to last round of a match.
  • Friendly fire is on.
  • Freeze time before round starts is 10 seconds, buy time is 25.

Server info:

(If the server shows as offline on Gametracker, ignore it. Server is always live unless I'm working on it)

1. To connect to the server, enable Developer's Console under Game Settings. After you enable it, bring up the console by pressing the tilde/grave key (~) and type (without quotes) "connect"

2. To save our server to your Favorites, go to Browse Community Servers, click on the Favorites tab, right click in the space where favorite servers are listed, and click "Add server by IP address." Input the following IP (without quotes) "" and it should show immediately after being added.

Hope to catch you guys online soon!

Please report any bugs or errors to me.
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