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Now recruiting for BF4, DayZ, Star Citizen, TitanFall, War Thunder, World of Tanks, General Gaming.
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Sorry for the Inconvenience Folks, But our Host had a failure with their SQL servers. It is corrected and back up now.
  A whole morning with out Forums is a rough one. I for sure had withdrawals.. Anyhow We are back up .

I am sure a few of you were thinking awesome its new website time.. LOL we arent there yet but will be soon. this was your run of the mil host failure!  The new site is coming and its coming soon.


Well just like the Bird that symbolizes it. Phoenix Company has risen from he ashes and Reborn as the new Division for EVE.

We have been in discussions for some time now and a game plan was finalized and approved. Our new Eve division already has had a good following being born in India Co. It has done its due dilligence and now it will be its own Company.

Since this game is unique in the sense that in =VX9= it has two different Orgs. We decided that we would Do a Dual - XO and one CO. Dual Xo so that each org is represented in leadership.

With that said Your new Division Leaders are:
CO- Capt.Griffth=VX9=
XO - CW2-Jaud=VX9=
XO - WO1.Eddision=VX9=

We are very confident that these three will Work together to Make Phoenix great once again.

Make us proud!

=VX9= Salute!
Commanding officer of =VX9=
Thunder Co Is growing and leaps and bounds. CDNSpecialist and His team have done a great job of taking this division to another level. He has also named a XO to assist with his administrative duties. An XO is a right hand man to the CO and should always work towards a united front and vision for the success of the Division.

New XO is: Ssgt.mdjones4=VX9= Make us proud as The position of XO is one that is respected for the Time and effort it takes to fulfill this position.

=VX9= Salute!
Commanding Officer of =VX9=
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